About Nólsoy // UM Nólsoy


Nólsoy is the beautiful green island you see just facing Tórshavn. The island is only ten square kilometres, but that is more than enough room for the 817 sheep, the few hundred thousand birds and the 219 people who live here - and of course there is always room for you to!

Who would have thought that in the midst of the ‘Land of Maybe’ there would be an island where everything is possible? The people of Nólsoy most certainly know that if you can dream it, you can do it. If you want a swimming pool in your backyard, then you take a shovel and start digging and before you know it, four other villagers have arrived with shovels to help you realize your dream. If you want a bar in your basement, well then you go for it. It is all about dreaming.

Are you sitting comfortably? Well then let us head out to Nólsoy for a little trip. Just a little trip. Let us stir your senses, transport you to Nólsoy and let you meet some of the interesting creatures that live here… because when you visit an island you visit the people, the plants, the animals and all things living.

See Nólsoy

Eight eider ducks paddle in the boat basin. One of them has managed to get the plastic rings from a six-pack of beer around its neck. The bird is lucky to live in Nólsoy because in a minute it will be rescued by a bunch of kids who will carry it up to Jens Kjeld, the ornithologist, who will free its neck from the plastic. Down by the wharf someone is practicing on a unicycle. Up in the pastures a few people are weeding their potato fields. A woman comes walking along the road. She is wearing ‘Tórshavn clothes’. The ferry must be making its way across the fjord. Some kids are playing on a raft down on Malarendi – the little sandy beach area. Now they are running up from the shore. Yes, the ferry is steaming in. For a while there is quite the commotion on the wharf. Many people come ashore sporting ‘Tórshavn clothes’ and then a few cars and a couple of tractors. Mothers and fathers remind their kids to watch out for the cars. They are not used to walking in traffic. The ferry suddenly leaves again. The eider ducks look up again from under the water and the kids return to the beach to play. The woman in “Tórshavn clothes” has gone back to the city, but looks forward to returning to Nólsoy at the next ferry crossing.

Hear Nólsoy

The waves ripple. “Uhh! Naah!? Aw!? Oh!? Uhh!” the eider ducks in the fjord squawk simultaneously, as if one of them was explaining something particularly interesting. A seagull shouts out to its seagull friends telling them that a careless woman has just set a pot of something delicious outside to cool. There is a constant subsonic hum of starlings, sparrows and other small birds chattering on the rooftops, mixed with a few moments of feathery drama when one of them spots a breadcrumb or a worm. A door slams shut as a woman runs out to put a lid on the pot she had put on the steps. The ferry arrives from Tórshavn. The eider ducks take a dive and the seagulls fly off. For a moment the bird chatter stops. The rumble of the ferry engine echoes across the entire village. People get off the boat and there are some cars too. The wharf is bustling. People speak loudly – they have just arrived from Tórshavn. “Ternan”, the ferry, sails off to Tórshavn again and you can hear the silence in between the loud voices. The voices grow softer and once again you can hear the waves, the eider ducks and the sparrows. The seagulls manage to get the lid off the kitchen pot. You can tell by the sound of the woman shouting in the driveway. “Oh well,” she says laughing at the situation, “I guess you need to eat too.”

Smell Nólsoy

The smell changes with the seasons. Right now you can smell the rain, the wet soil, the grass that needs mowing, the newly cleaned stable, the ocean and the seaweed, waffles with cardamom and somebody standing in the rain, regretting that they started to paint the house just a moment ago when the sun was out. In Nólsoy you can also smell burning wood from the furnaces and outdoor hot pots, hay, wool, stables, grilled fish or lamb or pork, beer, northern seabirds, wild angelica and perfume from the people on their way to Tórshavn.

Taste Nólsoy

In Nólsoy there is one grandmother – no, of course there is not just one grandmother – but there is one grandmother who knows a whole lot about which of the herbs and plants in the outfields are tasty. With her extensive knowledge and pleasant disposition, she has inspired many of us to pick and eat a whole range of plants in our environment. This is noticeable in our cooking, both in private homes and at the café Gimburlombini. But Nólsoy does not just taste of various weeds, nettle and clover, at Maggies you can also get burgers and fish and chips with an ice-cold lager and at Kaffistovan they while serve you a selection of Pizzas and Pastas.

…. wake up! You are not in Nólsoy jet - but sure you will come visit soon? See your guide on: HOW TO GET HERE!.